Sponsorship Scheme at ARDA

We at ARDA have one of the best sponsorship programs that gives all our clients a chance to participate and get free products. Anyone that has a website is eligible to enter the sponsorship scheme. If you have a website you can apply to advertise any of our products such as clothing, sweatbands, and embroidered patches on your website or on web pages you have control over. The advertisement may take several forms that may include a banner on a webpage or a link to our services or to our website.

We accept all manner of websites that include individual websites, company websites, web-stores, informal group websites, NPO and Non-governmental organization websites.

Our reasons for sponsoring embroidery?

We adversities embroidery to make our products and designs more visible to potential clientele looking for top quality. In this regard, we do need our ads and links to be placed on websites with high visibility on the search engines. It would also be preferable if such websites have a significant number of visits each day. It would also be great if the website is well designed, is organized and has good content that keeps its visitors engaged enough so that they can get to view or click on the ads. The website should be real and personal enough so that it creates a connection with the intended target audience. It should be set up on a top-level domain like the .coms, .net, or .org.

Do you have a website?

We very much want to be your go-to logo sponsor for all your embroidered patches and embroidered clothing advertisements. If you have a website that promotes such product categories, you will get to enjoy free embroidery products from ARDA for free, on demand. All you will need to do to become a participant in the program is link to our services or our website at www.embshirts.uk using either a do follow link or a banner. The sponsorship agreement requires you also write a short news article detailing the different types of embroidery patches and clothing you have received from us.

If you believe your website is a good fit for the sponsorship program write us an email with a link to your top level domain website containing the www’ address and the type of patches you are interested in promoting. You could also include a short explanation on how you intend to advertise our services and patches on your web pages and website. Write an email to sponsoring@embshirts.uk or fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.