Merrow Border VS. Hot Cut Border

If you are new to custom patches, then you may not be familiar with this term but it is important to know everything about patches so that you are well prepared and informed before ordering your embroidered emblems. An embroidered patch or a cloth badge is a piece of embroidery created using a fabric backing and thread and can be used on military uniforms, sports jerseys and on other specialised workers’ uniforms. In this article, we will look at the difference between Merrow (overlock) border and hot cut border on patches and the pros and cons of each. Borders help prevent a patch from unraveling or fraying while giving the patch a good pronounced edge.

Merrow border

This type of border is heavier and is sewed up and over exterior edges of the patch. A Merrow border is commonly used on shapes such as ovals, circles and squares and is implemented once the designed has been stitched onto the patches.

Hot Cut border

This type of border is simple, flatter and thinner and is laser-cut with a hot knife for precision. It shields the patch from fraying by sealing its peripheral edge.

Merrow border vs Hot Cut border

From the definitions above, it is obvious that a Merrow (overlock) border has a larger and rounded edge that almost looks like pipping around the patch. On the other hand, a Hot Cut border has a thin and flat edge that gently lines the patch. Merrow borders are ideal for plain and symmetrical shapes like triangles, circles, rectangles and squares. If your patch does not have a lot of jagged edges, it probably needs to be merrowed. A Hot Cut border works well with any shape but if you want a straightforward geometric or custom shape, a Merrow border will come out just fine. While Hot Cut borders are laser-cut for maximum precision, a Merrow border is machine sewn on edge.

A Merrow border is easier to design but it limits a creative mind. A Hot Cut border on the other hand has limitless design possibilities but most customers prefer merrowed borders on their embroidered patches. When it comes to quality and durability, Merrow borders take the lead. Merrowed borders are also aesthetically appealing and they protect patches against shredding. If you are considering the price factor, the Hot Cut border is relatively cheaper than the Merrow border for many reasons. For example, Hot Cot borders do not require any special machines while they also have a thinner bordering of about 1mm compared to that of the Merrow borer which is about 3mm.


Advantages of Merrow Border

– Offers a beautiful and classic look
– More durable
– Looks great from the side and front of the patch
– It offers the best protection against fraying or shredding

Disadvantages of Merrow Border

– A relatively wide and thicker bordering with a width of about 3mm
– It is only available for simple shapes such as triangle, rectangle, circle etc
– More expensive compared to the Hot Cut border

Advantages of Hot Cut Edge

– Less expensive compared to the Merrow border
– Border does not become unraveled or fluffy while being used due to the special heat treatment
– Ideal for more complicated shapes
– Availability of thin bordering even as thin as 1mm

Disadvantages of Hot Cut Edge

– Gives the impression of an unfinished patch from the side

Bottom line

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