Logo Embroidered Sweatbands & Headbands

From 1999, we have been manufacturing bands with individually embroidered logo or any other graphics. Our most important customers are directly sport clubs and their sponsors, as well as individual clients. We usually embroider on bands a logo of a certain sports team or sponsor.

Band is an excellent and practical, and above all cheap and elegant to present the brand that will never lands in the proverbial waste-basket. The band worn by the athlete on his or her hand often becomes the sports trophy for fans and sports fan.

You will get both: Sweatbands and frotte headbands from ARDA.

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We offer the highest quality bands with durability in increase used is about 2 years. People, who recreationally play sport, will enjoy our bands for many years. Both embroidery of logo and material, on which the pattern will be embroidered, is resistant to washing at high temperatures. Colours do not fade in the sun.

Arda invites you to familiarize yourself with our offer. We try to answer to all e-mail messages on the same day. Preparation of an individual valuation usually lasts not longer than 48 hours.

The company cooperate with advertising agencies. For companies renewing orders, we prepare a special discount offer covering both a sample product, as well as the target order.

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We realize orders according to customer’s individual needs. We have all colours of band material and threads, which are used to prepare the embroidery. We provide a professional advice.

In order to obtain an accurate estimation, please contact us by e-mail and attach to your message a graphic file. Approximate price of white wristbands with a width of about 7 cm (along the arm) with a simple logo (prices include the cost of wristband, project design and embroidered logo):

A trial sweatband (not compulsory) – 45.00 GBP

Approximate cost for the production of bands with embroidered logo

50 items – 4.13 GBP /item
100 items – 2.63 GBP /item
200 items – 2.25 GBP /item
300 items – 1.94 GBP /item
500 items – 1.56 GBP /item
1000 items – 1.29 GBP /item
2000 items – 0.96 GBP /item
5000 items – 0.92 GBP /item
10000 items – 0.85 GBP /item
20000 items – 0.81 GBP /item

Headbands – from +30% to +60% of the wristband’s price

Packing: Each band is packed in a separate glued bag. Stiffening cardboard is placed inside the band.

Insured courier shipping regardless of the order quantity: 15.00 GBP

All prices are net. For regular customers we have discounts.

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Provide logo today. Receive top quality products within 15 days.

Production time is counted from the nest working day after receipt of payment:
3-4 weeks for orders not bigger than 4000 pieces.
4-8 weeks for orders not bigger than 20000 pieces.
2 weeks – preparation of a trial band (not compulsory)

Period required by the courier company is not included in the execution time.

All prices and deadlines are subject to change.


We guarantee the highest quality of offered products.


80% cotton, 8% polyester, 12% elastic material.
We have a wide range of colours of yarns and the ability to paint in any colour.


The use of high quality threads allow to keep the colour and durability of the embroidery for a long time. Logo in the band can be made in up to six colours.

A specialized embroidery workshop performs the computer embroidery on our products.

We invite you to look at the sample bands of our production.

Standard dimensions of bands:

Wristband – dimension after flattening – approx. 7.0 cm – 7.5 cm (along the arm) x 8.0 cm – 9.0 cm (across the arm).

Headband – dimension after flattening – approx. 18.5 cm – 19.0 cm x 5.0 cm – 5.5 cm.

Band may have other dimensions on request.

Embroidery field:

For a standard wristband, embroidery field is 5 cm x 5 cm.
For a standard headband, embroidery field is 12 cm x 3 cm.

The above dimensions are approximate. Embroidery hoop is not a perfect rectangle, so in some cases the maximum field of embroidery can be 20% higher. In bands with non-standard dimensions, the embroidery field will be analogously smaller or bigger.

Some company, which trusted us:

BBC television
Falubaz Zielona Góra
National Trust

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Provide logo today. Receive top quality products within 15 days.